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It's time to wake up.

I have to keep her safe.

Simon Tam
25 November
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I have to keep her safe...

Simon Tam

Simon had everything. He was the youngest surgeon Osiris had seen. He was talented, he was wealthy. He had his life ahead of him. But he didn't have his sister.

His sister, River, was at a special school for very gifted people. Everything was fine, until she started writing to him in code. They're hurting us. Get me out.

So he threw away his fortune and his reputation in order to save his sister. Now that he has her back, he's trying to understand what has been done to her. So far, no medication has worked for any length of time. But he remains hopeful.

He has to. For River.

... time to wake up


Fortes et Liber: River and Simon grew up in Philadelphia, here in the 21st Century. River trained to be a dancer while attending college, and Simon worked as a trauma surgeon at the Hahnemann Hospital. When River went away to a special school, Simon thought it would be the best thing for her. But as time went on, he realized that they were hurting her, and used his funds to help rescue her. The two of them became fugitives, finding shelter with Malcolm Reynolds, who ran a not-entirely-legal cargo ship. During their travels, Simon discovered a place for gifted people like River. A safe haven. With River's reluctant consent, they decided to give it a try.

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